Sunday, 5 February 2012

Life as Music

In terms of music, can't life be considered a blank sheet of music?
To look at it that way gives way to new outlooks and expressions but in the end everything comes down to one simple thing. With life, new experiences.

To view life as a sheet of music then every experience and every trial and tribulation must be the notes, lines, and other musical properties. Our score of music will continue to fill up as we grow. I wonder how big the musical collection of one person would be if life could be measured by music sheets? (Hm...makes me think of the song Seasons of Love by Rent lol)

Poem - Tracks in the Snow

Since there's not really much for me to post about, lets go with something common, poetry. Wrote this ages ago but why not? Its not really poetic per-say but there's some insight.

Tracks in the Snow

When we're born
We are like a field
Newly covered in snow
Untainted, pure...

Like snow, we're easily stained
Like markings in the snow,
The stuff we've done will never really fade,
It will stay marked somewhere deep within

With each wrong step
Another mark will appear
Tainting our once pure snow
With regret comes wishing for snowfall
Snowfall that will never come

In one's lifetime
You'll only get one snowfall
A reflection of one's soul
Once marked, cannot be removed
We may muddle it but we cannot erase what has been done

A field of snow...
Covered, with footsteps...

Prelude what to
...welcome I guess.

Not much here except random stuff posted by another random soul (lol) but enjoy anyways I guess.